Firehouse Creative Productions
Stories; Collaboration; Innovation: making global local through live and digital performance


Firehouse Creative Productions is an international performing arts company that engages audiences, communities and theatre-makers in the contemporary retelling of classic texts. Each project incorporates true stories gathered from diverse communities into the re-imagining of a story for the stage. This approach is based on our belief that each individual’s story can give us insight into universal truths, offering unique and vibrant avenues into creating contemporary theatrical events.

Using an interactive digital installation, we invite people to share stories of select moments of their lives and to engage with similar stories of people from across the globe.  This process culminates plays for small to mid-scale studio theatres, related performance events, and ongoing cross-community applications.

A registered charitable organization, Firehouse has company bases in middle Georgia and London and currently is collaborating with artists from these locations, as well as across Scandinavia and Eastern Europe. We are committed to producing exciting collaborative theatre that is both cross-cultural and community based, and grounded in the lives and experiences of everyday people.  We believe that offering people the chance to share moments of their lives with each other is a powerful and fundamental building block for fostering understanding across otherwise potentially divisive lines, and serves as a catalyst for further expressions of creative engagement.


Firehouse Creative Productions is launching for the first time in London a Romanian Season of new writing.  Featuring ELEVATOR, by Gabriel Pintilei and BONES FOR PRINCE, by Lia Bugnar, book and play readings of works by previous Royal Court International Residents, an ongoing art installation and music, the season aims to showcase the best of emerging Romanian talent in a bid to broaden UK perspectives on Romania’s new generation.

In association with The New Diorama Theatre, with support from The Romanian Cultural Institute and kind permission from The Royal Court Theatre.

Ongoing: STELLA, a radical adaptation of Goethe’s play for lovers

Follow our progress and be involved with the process by visiting other pages on this site:

general information is on Stella

and a running blog of our process is on Stella Open Source

Firehouse is exploring new approaches to making performance that draws inspiration from the Open Source software movement.

We are aiming to explore how we can make live theatre that makes best use of the technological advancements at our disposal today.

Furthermore, we aim to make publicly available as much of our creative process as is possible, just as open source software publishes its code to invite collaboration and innovation from fellow programmers on a worldwide stage.  As an international theatre company, our process involves collaboration that takes place both through live and digital collaboration.

Come and see: I Confess

Our critically acclaimed, one to one performance piece in a confessional booth, made in collaboration with tangled feet will be seen at HighTide Festival on the 20th of December and then at the Tate Britain on the 20th of March.  We’d love to see you there!

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